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My name is Billie, I am a 43 year old mother of two. I have been mostly losing the battle of the bulge for the past 20+ years, now I'm ready to lose it for good. Come along on my journey to beat the battle.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Second Day of Blogging

Well today has been a less than successful day in the eating area. I did so bad I didn't even put it in my calorie counter. However, tomorrow is another day. Weekends aren't usually this bad, because my boyfriend is very supportive and will eat whatever I make, he's really not picky. This weekend, however, there was lunch at his parents today (Pot Roast) and then prayer meeting, where we always eat and tonight was Lasagna.

I will just look to the week ahead, busy at work so I won't over eat, in fact sometimes it's hard to actually fit in lunch. But I will make it a priority to work in all my foods and snacks. I'm hoping to actually start exercising tomorrow. I know the weight loss is just water loss right now and will not last so I need to start exercising.

**Make no excuses. You don't have time, because if you use energy that way, you won't have any energy to deal with what you need to deal with, which is overcoming obstacles and obtaining your goals. - Frances Williams.**


  1. I seriously doubt that entire 8.5 lbs is all water girl!! If you were cutting back on calories then some of it was FAT!!! You're doing great Billie....I'm just so excited that you finally got started. You're right...there's no time for excuses and we don't need to waste any energy on them. Excuses keep us fat. I loved your quote. It's going to be a great week!! :)

  2. I just came over from Tammy's blog and wanted to say 'hi' and good luck on this journey! Don't worry about one bad day; you can always make good choices starting now. You are going to do great!

  3. Tomorrow is another new day. Great attitude!
    Keep that up and you will succeed. Exercise is also key!
    Congratulations for taking that all important first step and welcome to our blogland community. You're going to love it here!:-)