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Friday, October 16, 2009

Battle of the Bulge - Day 26

So to start out my morning today, my alarm goes off and I was prepared to get up early and go workout. I turned on the news while I was waking up, and the power went off. I looked out the window to see if other lights were off in the neighborhood, and I could have sworn I saw a light shining in my bedroom window. I went to the door, and saw nothing. I think it was just the guy up the street walking his dogs. Turns out the power went off on my street for some reason. But this did not deter me from my mission at hand, I got a candle, took my shower and went to the gym. Walked my mile and 5 minutes on the elliptical before going to work.

While I was at the gym today I saw a paper on eating fiber to lose fat, which was exactly what I thought I was doing, but as noted in my post the other day, sometimes this is not pretty. As I am reading it says "Just heed the warnings: take it slow if you don't eat much fiber. Adding too much fiber at one time can cause bloating, gas and other uncomfortable stomach problems." What warning?? There were no warnings given to me. I go on to read about the fiber and how to get more fiber into your diet without even trying. And it appears that apples, bananas & popcorn fall into this category. So not only was I having the FiberOne Muffin with my oatmeal, but I was also having a banana. Then I have apples and popcorn for my snack. No wonder I exploded. The only thing I can say is I better lose some weight this week.

I have found that EVERYTHING has sodium in it, even milk. Since I have been counting calories, I look carefully at the sodium content, and I am very surprised at the sodium levels in everything. Why does everything have sodium? I have never cooked with salt, and if I buy canned vegetables I always buy the ones with no salt added.

I have NSVs to report also.

When I bought milk this week, my son was with me, and I reached for the 1% milk because I'm trying to get the kids down to the skim without shock. My son says to me, "why don't you just get the skim? we used to always get that". Which is right, I had actually raised the kids on skim milk, but when I got married my husband did not like skim, and we had to go to 2%.

I pulled my jacket out of the closet today and went to zip it up and it actually fit, without being snug. Last year I wouldn't zip it up because the elastic band at the bottom came right under my belly and made me look pregnant. Now it just hangs. I was so excited.

ALSO, I got my jeans out last weekend, and they actually fit. I haven't worn these jeans in over a year. My son actually asked me one time why I always wore jeans that had elastic in it, and all I could say was "Because I'm fat, and they are comfortable". My jeans are no longer tight and I can breathe when I sit down.

I think I stayed within my calories today, I have not tracked the past three days, but I am conscious of what what I'm eating and running the calories in my head. It is much easier to do it on the computer, but I have been so busy with work, that I haven't had time to figure it up.

So I'm hoping for at least 3 pounds when I weigh in tomorrow. I'll post then and let ya know. For now, I am so tired and I am ready to go to bed.

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  1. Ok I think its great that you pay so much attention to sodium but I sure am going to write about you in my blog so you should go read, and YES its about the sodium thing! LOL. I'm glad you've finally caught the fitness bug and can actually go to the gym unlike us dredding to go workout with William all the time because of the embarrassing supermans and dog hiking the leg moves he made us do. Lol. I'm proud of you mommy!

  2. Love those NSV's girl!! Awesome list....I haven't made it all the way down to skim yet, I'm still at 1%...still got work to do!! And hooray for not being deterred by the power outage....showering by candlelight...love it, lol.