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Thursday, October 22, 2009

ONE MONTH - Battle of the Bulge

As of yesterday, I have been on this journey for a month. I will however, do my one month weigh in on Friday. So we will see how GOOD I have done then. No matter what it is it is all GOOD. I feel that just my moving more is a great accomplishment, and I feel good, so it's gotta be good.

Tammy and I joined the gym yesterday. Yes I know I just joined a gym a week or so ago, but it's better to do it with someone. It is great, because it's more motiviation. I only join month to month gyms, no long term contract. So I will cancel the other membership.

Last night we worked on the machines and only did 1 rep of 15 each, and then walked on the treadmill. I am very motivated working out with Tammy. She has been at this a little longer than I have so she's more advanced at the walking/jogging than I am. I think I was just lucky she hurt her knee and wasn't going 4 miles last night...lol. We did 2.2 or so, I was ready to stop at 1, but I kept going, and I felt so accomplished when I was done. I will start incorporating the jogging into my walking soon, I was walking faster last night and I probably could have jogged some but that will come soon enough.

I have been working at home this week and it is much harder to keep track of what I'm eating. I am aware, but there are so many more choices. When I'm at work I pack my food to take with me, and that's all there is, no extra munchies. And I do not visit the vending machines, I steer clear of that room at all costs. At home there's way too much to tempt me, and knowing the groceries have to last two weeks does not usually deter me. I actually bought some 100 calorie Weight Watchers lemon cakes, and I have not even opened them, talk about will power.

I also find I don't drink as much water when I'm at home for some reason. I just get busy and don't go to the fridge and get it. At work I'm looking at the computer all day, so I have to just walk away sometimes and that is when I go and refill my water bottle.

But all in all my food hasn't been that bad this week, I actually only bought good food when I got groceries. My son of course has to have not so good food, because he's a growing boy, but the next two weeks he's gonna eat good.

So I haven't really been counting my calories, I just kinda keep a running total in my head. Which right now is getting to be tough, I have so many numbers running in my head...I try not to think of much when I'm not working because there are so many numbers I work with, it just makes my head hurt.

So for yesterday, food was good, water not bad. Today so far had my Oatmeal, 12 grain toast and a banana, and a bottle of water. So far so good.

Gotta get to work now, more later.


  1. If you're eating well, exercising and feeling GOOD that is the most important part. I love how I automatically feel skinnier on days that I'm on track.
    Being at home and being good with the munching IS tough. Stay strong-you can do it!
    Sounds as if you are on the right track for sure.:-)

  2. Just found your blog! Very nice, indeed!
    I'm a bit down the road from you -- just outside of Savannah!
    Best of success!

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    So you're the famous Bonnie that Tammy joined the gym with. Good luck on your journey. Your blog looks great. I'll be reading back through your archive to catch up. You have excellent progress already - off to a good start. I used to live in Atlanta and have many relatives in Georgia, including a son at Emory. You have a wonderful role model in Tammy, as I'm sure you know. Take care and I'll be checking back in!

  4. Congratulations Billie, on your 1 month weightaversary! An accomplishment in itself. Looking fwd to hearing about your gym experiences. ChrissyS

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always happy to find another local! Tammy rocks and has been a huge blessing to me in my journey. I'm so happy to have found her and I'm thrilled you are both going to the gym together. I'll have to meet you both one of these days.

    I'm shooting for walking the 3-Day next year so if you're up for the challenge of a lifetime, I'll be walking by myself and you're both welcome to join in. The hardest part is raising the money. The second hardest part is camping (but the most fun). Walking is ridiculous hard but the pain is dulled by the emotion of the whole thing. There's nothing like it. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Hi Bonnie!! lol just kidding.

    I'm glad we joined the gym...sucks that I'm sick this week and Shane's dad's in the hospital. Let's hope that starting Friday, we can have ONE FULL WEEK of cardio & weight machines, along with excellent eating. I'm betting that will be an awesome weigh-in! :)

  7. oh gawsh. I have that same home eating problem. I do better that work when I'm restricted to what I packed.

    But you're off to a great start. The scale doesn't tell the entire story, so go by how you feel too!

  8. Hey girl!!! I've got an award for you on my post tonight...come and get it! :)

  9. Sounds like you are doing great! I also get my water consumption in so much more easily while at work. What helps for me...I have a 64 ounce water mug that I fill every morning...in that way it is right there beside me (at home or at work) with no need to refill. When I pick it up I can tell how much I've drank and start drinking if I haven't been!


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