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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Over & Weigh Day

Friday is my official weigh day, and being the day after Thanksgiving I wasn't sure about it. I did weigh yesterday before I started cooking and eating and I was exactly the same as last week. So I figured it couldn't be that bad. This morning I weighed and what did I see.....203.4....woohoo...down .6, I'll take it.

Thanksgiving was a great day, with great friends and family. My first Thanksgiving I actually made. It turned out good. I took pics but left the camera at Tammy's house so she could download her so cute new pics. I'll post pics later. Everything turned out great, too much of course, but it was good. I think the turkey was a little dry, but everyone said it was good, I think they we just being nice and trying not to hurt my feelings. But for the first one, it wasn't too bad. Lots of yummy food, and only one dessert. Shane's dad made a pie, million dollar pie, it had fruit & cool whip and marshmallows, just one sliver for me. I didn't count calories, but only had a spoonful of each thing and two slices of turkey.

For breakfast I had my oatmeal and 12 grain toast. We then had Thanksgiving lunch. I wasn't stuffed, but satisfied. I then went over to Shane's parents house to visit, this is only down the street from the 24 hour gym I joined earlier (and I still have membership til mid December), so I decided on my way home I was going to do 2miles on the treadmill. Then when I got home I only had a small helping of corn casserole and a slice of cranberry sauce. I still wasn't very hungry but decided I should eat something. SO, a not so bad eating day, and I lost .6 pounds.

I'm headed out now to meet Tammy and workout. More later.


  1. Awesome not gaining over the holiday. That's like losing 5! Tell Tammy that I LOVE her new hair!

  2. Well done that is quite an achievment when the holiday is based around eating;).

    I have just seen your measurements, that is brilliant progress. You and Tammy are doing great things together!!


  3. Wow, a loss AND the treadmill on the way by. Amazing! Oh, and making the dinner! You should be very proud of yourself all around. WTG Billie!

  4. Fantastic! A LOSS over the holiday? I'm impressed! :)


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