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Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 Months - Battle of the Bulge

It has been 2 months since I started this journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am down 18 pounds and 14.75 inches overall (I will put stats in my sidebar). Yea Me. I am very motivated right now to continue this journey, but the holidays are coming up and there is always a lot of eating to do around the holidays. I think with the Christmas Challenge that I will be more motivated to stay on track. So Holidays here I come.

Interestingly, I have been talking about starting to count my calories again. When I first began this my children thought I was obsessed with calorie counting, and then I just kinda got away from it. I need to get back to that obsession, and start counting. I am doing alot of cardio and there's not a lot of results on the scale. I mean a pound a week, and it should be 3. So I'm going with the advice of the trainer at the gym, she said I needed between 1,600 and 1,900, so I'm going with 1,500. Okay, so not exactly the advice she gave, but close. I've been doing around 1,300, so I'm going to up it to 1,500 and see what results I get from that.

I am elated about the inches lost though. I have been feeling that my clothes are getting looser. My sweats are getting so baggy that the crotch hangs to my knees, and as I'm walking and sweating, I am getting chaffed on my legs. Soon there will be nothing there to chaff, but for now there is. So this week I'm looking for a smaller size sweats to work out in.

This weekend Shane and I volunteered at the community Thanksgiving for the needy in our city. I was so blessed by this, and know that I have so much to be thankful for. God is so good to us, and I was so happy to share in this experience. I makes me more thankful for the Thanksgiving dinner I will be preparing this next week. Everyone should pray for me though, I have never cooked Thanksgiving dinner before. I have always gone somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner where someone else cooked.

And for those of you that read my blog and Tammy's blog, she will not be home alone on Thanksgiving, because we have moved our Thanksgiving dinner to her house so she will be included with our family. She is such a great person, we love her and don't want her to be alone at the holiday. I am also thankful for Tammy, because without her I am sure I would not have decided to go on this journey again. She is a great inspiration.


  1. Just goes to show how important taking measurements is ... of course I didn't do this. :)
    That's alot of inches, lost, Billie! Congratulations!!!
    I'm curious to see what happens when you up your calories.

  2. Thanks for updating us on your success and on Tammy. It's great she has you for support. I love that you gave back to your community in helping with the holiday dinner. Do you Americans eat turkey at Christmas too? I'm thinking about Christmas turkeys and you guys are just cookin' your Thanksgiving turkey! Our Southern neighbours are a bunch of turkeys! ;)

  3. Thanks for thinking of me Billie....you're making me cry! But at least this time, it's in a good way. I think I'm going to get my haircut this morning. I'm dragging my feet because I'm scared. Haven't had more than a trim in about 10 years. Pray they give me a good one that I like and not one that will cause me to hide in my house for 6 months til it grows out, lol. See you tonight for our workout.

  4. Congratulations on the loss of 18! What a great way to start the holiday season. No regretful January wake-ups for you!

  5. Aww, Billie, You are such a dear friend to include Tammy.. =) you guys are a TEAM! Supporting each other.

    If you are feeling unsure on the cooking maybe Tammy can offer advice for that too. She seems like she is pretty adept in the kitchen. Good for you for tackling Thanksgiving dinner! I'll bet Shane will help ya out. What is your menu?

    And yay for you for needing new sweatpants! Woo hoo!


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