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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving

As I drove through town tonight, I noticed that all the Halloween decorations had been taken down and had been replaced with Christmas decorations. What is this all about??? When I was growing up it was unheard of to have your Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving night. We would go to downtown Atlanta and watch the lighting of the Great Christmas tree and then come home and put up our own tree. What has become of this life I once knew? Everyone has become so busy and everything goes by so fast. I guess everyone is trying to keep up the fast pace.

Ok enough of that rant....now on to the weight loss.

This week has not been quite as hectic, but I have been busy. Tammy and I have worked out together three day in a row, doing both cardio and weights. And boy am I feeling it. I did my cardio alone tonight.

I have been watching what I eat but have not been counting all the calories, but ever mindful of how many calories I am consuming.

I also started a colon cleanse last Sunday. It's a 14 day cleanse, and until today has not really been that bad. However, today it was unpredictable. I had to run from my office a couple of times and it interrupted my walk tonight, and had to stop half way go to the bathroom and come back.

So I'm hoping that all the exercise, good eating, colon cleanse and all the water I drink, will result in a good loss tomorrow morning. But only the scale will tell.

Quote of the day - There are two ways of attaining an important end, force and perseverance; the silent power of the latter grows irresistible with time.


  1. Yes Christmas decorations go up far too soon and spoils the magic. Christmas is now a commercial feast not a religous feast and I find that very very sad. They are even talking about changing the name of the holiday over here so as not to offend other religions...Now you really don't want me to go there!!!

    How do you do a colon cleanse? I sounds a bit scarey:0)


  2. I too have been wondering what's up with moving straight to the Christmas decorations so early??? I heard on the radio that it has actually has quite a bit to do with the economy. Sad but true.....
    Good luck with the scale tomorrow!!


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