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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 60 - Battle if the Bulge


Today is weigh day. So the scale says 204, down only 1 pound. I guess it's better than up 1 pound, but still not what I had hoped for. I've been working out twice a day, almost every day. Most mornings I do a mile on the treadmill and then I do 2 - 2.5 miles at night 6 days a week, I do strength training 5 days a week. Every other night I do the C25K, but I can only muster up enough energy to do 4 of the 8 runs. I'm working up to this though.

This morning I did the C25K, and could only do 4 of the 8 runs...I can't catch my breath in the minute and half it gives you to walk, but I'm going to try to do 6 of the runs next time. This is 1.5 miles. I then went at lunch time to the gym near my office, and walked another mile. So I'm down 2.5 miles today. I plan to go to the gym tonight and try the C25K again.
As I was doing my run this morning I suddenly had pain in two toes on my right foot. It felt like I was being stuck with a needle. I finished my walk/run and took my shoe and sock off, only find there was nothing in my shoe. I had worn blisters on my two toes. I have heard about this, in fact I think Tammy has had blisters for the last month or two, but to actually have them. It's hard to walk. So after my walk this afternoon, I immediately went to CVS and picked up some blister strips, they are feeling much better now. I will not let this keep me from goal.

I'm still not counting my calories, and I think this may be my problem. I'm not really overeating, and I'm watching what I eat, but maybe I'm taking in too many calories.

Yesterday I also bought a bottle of SmartWater. It looked smart, but was just about as smart as the water I get out of the water cooler at work. It didn't seem to make me any smarter, but the bottle was colorful. I actually bought this bottle of SmartWater because it was 34 ounces. If I fill it up twice I'm drinking 68 ounces. Yesterday I filled it up 4 times. So I think I'm doing good on my water.

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