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Friday, November 13, 2009

Battle of the Bulge - Week 8 - Weigh Day

Weigh Day today, the scale says 205.0, so that's a 1.5 loss. When I was at the gym Wednesday morning, they have a scale in the bathroom so, I weighed and I was at 203.2 which would have been 3.2 loss, but alas Mother Nature has reared her ugly head, and that's what happened to 3.2. But 1.5 is still a loss and I'll take it, any loss is a good loss.

My eating has been okay, although I have not actually counted calories. I have just kinda been figuring in my head...ok the oatmeal has 140, a piece of toast is 70, milk is....you get the picture. But I think I may forget something, and still go over on my calories. So I am going back to calorie counting tomorrow.

I wasn't feeling very well the first of the week, I thought I was coming down with a cold. So I started taking Tylenol Cold during the day and Nyquil at night, so this could have also added to my not so great weight loss. I also started taking extra Vitamin C...and I as I was taking my Gummi Vitamin C this morning I read the label. What the heck....the Vitamin C Gummi's have 15 calories each....what???? I have to figure in the calories of the vitamins too??? What is up with that???

I have two more days of my 14 day cleanse, and as I was mixing my apple juice in with my cleanse this morning (because it tastes GROSS with water, and was recommended), I read the label....it had 110 calories in the juice per 8 oz serving (which is what I use)....so once again, I have not been counting this as calories. I have definitely been going over my calorie limit. I have probably been at 2000 calories a day, I am so surprised I didn't gain this week. But then again with the cleanse, everything comes out...seriously.

I have done pretty ok with my workout. I worked out with Tammy on Saturday and Sunday morning, both 2 miles on treadmill and 2x the circuit on the weights. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning I did a mile on the treadmill before work. Monday night I did 2 miles, Tuesday I worked late so didn't get a second walk in, Wednesday night I did 2.5 miles, and Thursday I just didn't feel good and passed on the second walk. When I work out alone I don't have the extra push to go further. I'm also tired after working all day, so I think walking a second time is pretty darn good....but I could probably do more if I pushed myself.

I do plan to stop on my way home and at least walk 2 miles. Food has been good today, been watching it more carefully, but I think we will be going out to eat tonight so you never know what that will bring. Will start counting calories again tomorrow. I think 1250 - 1300 calories is good for me.

With the holidays coming up it is so hard to focus on weight loss, but I will be very mindful of this. I already have an exercise plan in place. The gym that Tammy and I work out at will be closed on Thanksgiving and I think they said they have short hours on the Friday after. So I still have my 24 hour gym membership and I will be working out Thanksgiving morning. We will be going to Shane's parents for Thanksgiving and the 24 hour gym is just down the street, so I will be stopping by there to do 2 or 2.5 miles on the treadmill before lunch. Then, depending on the hours, I will go on Friday morning and again Friday evening. I will also work out on Wednesday night prior to the big day. So hopefully this will help me not gain a lot. I also have an eating plan. I will have white meat turkey, only 1 or 2 slices, and only a spoonful of everything else (Tammy had suggested this when she went to a family get together earlier, and it seemed to work for her).

I don't have any family here (just me and my kids), so there will be no family get togethers, it will just be lunch with Shane's parents. Hopefully there will not be a lot of leftovers sent home with us. Sometimes it's sad not having any family around, but there is no use in getting depressed over thing I have no control over.

My short term goal, as I will not be seeing any of my family until at least spring, is to be at least half way to my goal weight by spring. So that will be 46 pounds gone or a weight of 176. I also have a big convention that my company attends in April. This will be another opportunity to show off the new me. All of the managers from out of town attend this convention, and I only see them once a year. This is also a great time to get some new clothes, as we have a hospitality cocktail party and a semi-formal dinner also. Of course by then none of my last year clothes will fit, so I will have to buy something new and very flattering.

So even though the holidays are right around the corner, my goals go beyond that and I will meet these goals. This will keep me on track during the holidays. I CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! With a little help from my friend and a lot of God's help.

Right now I'm still at work and must get some things done, so more later...

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  1. I hear ya' on the family thing....my whole fam almost always go to FL and I haven't been able to go in about 5 years....I'm not thrilled about going to Dwayne's mom's house either, because she and I just aren't close....I've only seen her a handful of times...kinda' makes it sad, but we'll get through it girl!! I hadn't even thought about the gym thing on Thanksgiving Day or the day after....I definitely need to go with you Thanksgiving morning to your other gym if I'm allowed....let me know....I'll probably go to Bodyplex on Friday morning once I find out the hours...Dwayne will be coming over that day, just don't know what time...but won't matter....he's already caught on that my gym time is WAY more important than him. :)