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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week 20 - Weigh Day

WooHoo, I'm on the right track now.

I am down to 194.4 this week, a 2.2 loss. I think this trainer is going to work. We have been working out on our own, doing the weight machines they told us to do at the other gym, but I really just haven't been feeling it. Now I'm feeling it. We don't work out on that many machines, and our trainer, Chris, is showing us how to do the weights and things so we can do it without him. Starting next week we will only be seeing him once a week, but we should still be doing strength training at least two other days. So know what we should and exactly how to do it is the key. I have been doing extra cardio also. Chris says extra cardio is just a bonus. I like bonuses. On Thursday we worked out with Chris, I got to the gym early (I'm usually late) and went on in did the massage chair (a perk of membership) and started on my cardio warmup. I did 30 minutes before our session, did our 30 minute session and then another 20 minutes. Boy are my glutes and hamstrings hurting. Friday night Tammy doesn't go to the gym, so I met my boyfriend there and I did 35 minutes of elliptical. I needed to do some abs, but didn't because I was tired and it has been a long week.

Next week I plan on getting up early every day and going to the gym on my way to work and do at least 30 minutes of cardio. Then back to the gym after work for more cardio, abs and workout. I am going to accomplish my goals this time. I AM GOING TO DO THIS.

On another note have I said how much I hate traffic. In Atlanta if it rains people suddenly become driving idiots. AND we have had our fair share, and everyone elses share, of RAIN. I am beginning to hate rain. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!! This past week it has been a bear every single day getting to work and back home in the freaking traffic. I work 32.8 miles from my house, a typical 35 minute drive. Monday 1.25 hours to work, an hour home. Tuesday 2 hours to work, 2.25 hours home. Tuesday I had a training session at 6:30, left work at 5 got there at 7:15. Needless to say I missed my session and we rescheduled for Wednesday. Wednesday was an okay day, traffic wise. 1 hour to work and 1hour home. Since I had the training session rescheduled for Wednesday I left work at 4:45 to make sure I got there on time this time. Thursday 1.5 hours to work and again I left early to make my training session, so it only took me an hour. FRIDAY - 3 HOURS TO WORK, 2 HOURS HOME!!!!! Yeah in case you can't tell I hate traffic. I have proposed moving our office half way between my house and where it is now, it seem like all the accidents happen after this point. Sounded like a good plan to me. Maybe if we did that I could get home, which would be a 15 minute drive from there, in only 45 minutes. And they say Atlanta is only like #22 with the worst traffic. Yeah don't think I want to move anywhere else that has traffic.

I am so ready for Sp...Summer. I started to say Spring, but it rains a lot in Spring too. I really like the weather of Spring, but hate the rain. I don't really like the extremely hot temperatures of summer, it gets to about 98 with 95% humidity around here. But I don't like the cold either. We had our week of winter weather, now it can go away. I know it's much worse other places, but that's why I live in the South, not really bad winters. It is 42 degrees right now, so it's really not that cold, but I like 60 better. I think 70 degrees year round with rain once a month would be a great climate to live in.

Enough ranting about the weather and TRAAFFICC!!! I just thank God everyday that I am alive and getting healthier. I want to lead a healthy life for ME and for God. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's almost unbearable, but in all times give praise to God and it will turn out alright.

Time to go work out again, so more later.


  1. Isn't bad traffic the worst? It was so stressful when we lived in Bangladesh - one of our biggest stresses. Stress leads to eating!!!! So glad you've found such a great trainer and that you're seeing results! Congrats on your hard work!

  2. Awesome loss! It looks like you are getting very tangibly close to your goal!

  3. I'm excited about this go 'round at the new gym, too. :) I think we did some good upper body work today because my arms are really sore right now...a sign of progress! :)

  4. Hi, just found your blog. I started working out with a trainer a few months ago two and I'm really loving it. My trainer also got me off the machines and has me doing a lot of free weights and using my own body weight. It sounds like things are going really well for you.