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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Valentines Day is a special day to spend with the ones you love. And guess what??? The boyfriend popped the question. I was so surprised. I knew he was planning something, but I had no idea what magnitude it would be.

We went out to dinner, very nice seafood restaurant, and we ordered the valentines day special. Filet Minon and Lobster tail, and I ate every bit of it. It was delicious. This was a special day and I didn't even watch the calories. We did however go for lunch to miss the crowds, and I did work out this morning, and then just had a snack later.

The proposal was very romantic. We had dinner and the manager comes over and asks if we wanted dessert, well of course I want dessert. They had the best looking desserts. I ordered the key lime pie and we shared it. The manager, not our server, brings it to me. And on the plate with my dessert is a ring!!! OMG...it was beautiful and I started crying. As they set the plate down, and I'm crying, he gets down on one knee beside the table and asks me to marry him. OH MY, I am really crying now, so sweet. Of course I said YES. Then there were lots of congratulations because everyone in the restaurant is watching and the manager brings us champagne to celebrate. It is a beautiful pink diamond with a diamond band. It has been handed down from his grandmother, so that makes it even more special. There was evidently a lot of planning that went into this proposal that I had no clue about. Everyone knew about it but me. Thanks Tammy you could have given me a mascara alert!!!!

So this post has nothing to do with my weight loss, but everything to do with bad eating, but today...for just one day, I don't care. I will get back to it tomorrow.


  1. Dude, after we hung up yesterday and you told me the news I cried, too!!! So sweet!!! Shane couldn't of chosen a better bride...welcome to the family girl! Very happy for both of you. :)

  2. OMW, Billie!!! I haven't checked on you for awhile, and clicked on your blog and open it up to see a huge beautiful ROCK in my face!!! Girl, your post made me get teary.

    Congratulations to you both. Soooo happy for you.

    That will teach me to not check in on you. =) Chrissy

  3. Well you're my mother so have you ever told me not to eat mold??? I don't think so, just moldy food not mold itself.

  4. Just wanted to remind everyone that the challenge starts tomorrow so don't forget to post your start weight, with the pic of your scale reading your weight tomorrow! Good luck!


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