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Monday, May 17, 2010

Yeah Me !!!! Fittin into smaller sizes

Very, very excited right now. I went to try on wedding dresses yesterday. I go into the bridal shop and the girl asks me what size I wear. I've been wearing 18's. some 16's. So I tell her 18 cuz I know they are usually smaller and I don't want to be miserable. She tells me how the dresses are made smaller and I will probably want to go up a size, maybe two. SO we're looking at 20's and 22's. I pick out the ones that I like, and go to try it on. A 22 just swallows me whole, tons of wiggle room, practically fell off me. So the girl looks at it and goes to get me a smaller size. She brings it back I look at the size and it's a 16. I'm thinking there is no way. So I am extra careful when squeezing my hips into it hoping I won't break the zipper and have to buy it anyway. But to my surprise I was able to pull it right up. I walk outside the dressing room and my daughter is helping me zip it up and I'm sucking in...and it's not fitting. I didn't really expect it to. The girl comes back with a veil, and she looks at the dress and she says I'm gonna fix this, and zips it right up. IT FIT!!!! A SIZE 16 FIT!!!!! After she got it zipped and everything it really wasn't uncomfortable, I didn't feel like I was holding my breath or like the zipper would break if I did take a deep breath. SO EXCITED!!!! IT FIT!!!

Since my fiancee' does not read my blog I'm gonna post the pic, so everyone can see.

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