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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weigh In and Measurements

Ok official weigh in is 196.6, so I'm moving a little, I'm down .4 from last weigh in.

Tammy and I started working out with a trainer on Saturday. He took all our measurements (listed in side bar) and our body fat. My body fat was 41.7 which is less than it was in October when I had my last assessment. It was 42.55 then. I must say I have lost several inches, so I guess I'm doing something right.

I sure hope this training works. I'm really going to work on this, because if I'm paying him to help me do this I have got to make it work. He says he will help us reach our goals. The work out he put us through yesterday kicked my butt. I did find out I am definitely too fat to have good balance. We were doing some kinda ab thingy with the large ball, and I couldn't balance the ball enough to do even one. Every time I got into the position and went to pull the ball in I lost my balance and my feet rolled off the ball. It was so bad.

Our trainer is supposed to give us a detailed work out plan that we are supposed to do when we are not working out with him. Since we are only actually seeing him once a week, I don't know that we will push ourselves and each other as hard as the trainer does. But we will see.

I am also going to start doing more cardio. I'm going to stop at the gym on my way to work every morning and do at least 20 minutes, hopefully 30 minutes. I am also going to start tracking my food better. I did great on my food yesterday.

Breakfast Oatmeal w/1/4 c milk
Snack(after workout) 1c Cottage cheese, 1c apple & grapes
Lunch Chicken burrito w/ no tortilla (chicken, 1/2c rice, 1/4c black beans, 1tbsp sour cream, 1/4c shredded cheese)
Snack Protein shake w/1c milk & 1 banana
Dinner Salmon, asparagus & green beans

The trainer says we should have a protein, a carb and a fat for every meal.

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  1. I agree....we need to really push ourselves on the days we're not with him. I know we can do this! I'm glad you're my partner! :)


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